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The Fourth Degree is the highest degree of the Order.  Members of this degree are addressed as “Sir Knight”.  The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism and to encourage active Catholic citizenship.  Membership in the Fourth Degree is optional.  A Knight is eligible to join the Fourth Degree providing he has completed the 2nd and 3rd Degrees beforehand.

Honor Guard

Sir Knights: Jerome Lensing, Jeff Bagniewski, Robert Degnan, and Shawn Peters

Assemblies are distinct from councils and are led by a separate set of elected officers.  The Supreme Board of Directors appoints a Supreme Master and twenty Vice Supreme Masters to govern the Fourth Degree.  Each Vice Supreme Master oversees a Province which is then broken up into Districts.  The Supreme Master appoints District Masters to supervise several assemblies.
Only Fourth Degree Sir Knights may optionally purchase the full regalia and join the Assembly’s Color corps.  The Color Corps is the most visible arm of the Knights as they are often seen in parades and other local events wearing their colorful regalia.  Official dress for the Color Corps is a black tuxedo, baldric, white gloves, cape and naval chapeau.  White tuxedos may also be worn on certain occasions.  Baldrics are worn from the right shoulder to the left hip and are color specific by nation.  In the United States, baldrics are red, white and blue.  Service baldrics include a scabbard for a sword and are worn over the coat. 

Honor Guard

The colors on a Fourth Degree Sir Knights’ cape and naval chapeau denote the office he holds within the Degree.
Blue – Supreme Master/Past Supreme Master
Powder Blue – Vice Supreme Master/Past Vice Supreme Master
Gold – District Master/Past District Master
Green – District Marshall/Past District Marshall
White – Faithful Navigator/Past Faithful Navigator
Purple – Color Corps Commander/Past Color Corps Commander
Red – Worn by all Sir Knights

Current Color Corps Assembly Commander: Michael Kleinschmidt

Honor Guard

Sir Knights Joe Mathias and Jack Mattson.


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